Vacuum & Suction Pumps

Dyna-Jet operates a range of Vacuum and Suction Pumps for all types of tank cleaning.

Truck Mounted Vacuum Pumps
For large volume handling of liquids and sludges. Static tanks are also available.
Vac Packs are portable Air Vacuum Power Packs which convert compressed air into a powerful vacuum recovery system. High suction conveying of solids, sludges and liquids at 17m / min and a vacuum of 0.85 bar / 25" HG allows a throughput of 2,200 GPH over horizontal distances of 65 metres and lifts of up to 25 metres.
Submersible Dredging Pumps
Electric power units up to 8" discharge capable of handling liquids, sand and slurry. High lift capacity for deep tanks, rig leg tank etc.

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